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Single Investment

The Investor decides the amount which he intends to invest and the maturity year (after 5, 10 or 15 years). C.B.I. - WIMPOLE then arranges the purchase with utmost flexibility.

We shall advise the Investor in detail as to the possibilities he will have: Maturity years up to 2016 can be chosen and there is virtually no limit as regards the amount which can be invested. Since maturity value and the year of maturity can be determined, it is easy to establish a finance plan suitable to personal needs:

   Receive payment when children start college
   When they finish school
   For the 18th or 21st birthday
   Extra cash at retirement date
   Any other personal situation in future which requires
      additional cash money.

The Organisation

There are two options available to the Investor:

a)  Complete Organisation: Purchase of policies, administration and payment of all premiums, collection of maturity value, transfer to the Investor is carried out by C.B.I. The Investor also receives an annual valuation of his TEPs.

b)  Organisation of the purchase of TEPs by C.B.I., but the payment of all premiums and the collection of maturity values is carried out by the Investor directly.


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