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The Investor signs with C.B.I. a Purchase - Contract regarding the required TEPs either as a
Single Investment or to fit the offered program of a
"Never Ending Pension". C.B.I.  acting on behalf of the Investor, will open a trustee account with the ERSTE BANK in Austria in the name of the Investor, and the Investor transfers the agrred sum which consists of the purchase price, all premiums up to maturity and the establishment fee to his account.  Any freely convertible currency equivalent to the sum GBP offered will be acceptable.

C.B.I. then arranges through a Notary Public in Great Britain the transfer of ownership of the TEPs to the Investor. When all legal dealings are completed and the British Notary Public has all original documents in place, he will transfer the purchase price to the policyholder.

The original documents will be sent to Vienna, and the Investor gets a copy, whereby the originals will be kept in a banksafe. If the Investor wishes so, he can also take over the original documents.

C.B.I will change premium payments from monthly to annual and takes care of timely premium payment transfer to the Life Office. Upon maturity of the first policy, C.B.I. via the ERSTE BANK arranges transfer of the Maturity Value received in any given year and the purchase price of a new TEP will be paid out as the "Never Ending Pension".

This procedure is repeated on a yearly basis and in such a way the "Never Ending Pension" is created for the Investor.

How to recover the invested capital

The capital invested will not be consumed but remains available in full to the Investor.

The whole invested capital can be recovered as follows:
The Trustee will be advised by the Investor  n o t  to purchase new TEPs on an annual basis - the amount normally used for the purchase will be deposited to the account - and within five years these deposits with earned interest accumulate to a sum much higher as compared to the original sum invested. During these last five years the regular amount for the "Never Ending Pension" will of course be paid out.