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Low Risk

Investment in British Traded Endowment Policies is guaranteed to pay at maturity the basic sum assured plus all attaching bonuses !

A large element of the maturity value
is guaranteed !!

The insurance companies invest the policy holder´s monies in low risk diversified investments such as fixed income securities, property and in the equity market both in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Credit Rating of British Life Offices

British Life Offices are rated by STANDARD & POOR´s. Many of them have a Triple "AAA" rating or a Double "AA" rating. These ratings reflect the financial strength, reliability and excellent investment performance of the respective Life Office. Should a British Life Office be in danger of bankruptcy (which never occured during the long history of British Life Offices), then a special fund guided by
"The Policyholder Protection Act 1974" will pay a minimum of 90% of all receivables from the policy to the investor.


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