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An ideal investment should always follow three rules:
   highest possible security,
   highest possible yield,
   highest possible liquidity.

In view of the above criteria British Traded Endowment Policies meet these objectives in an ideal way.

Many Governments will in future not be able to provide pensions to its citizens to secure a satisfacory quality of life - higher life expectancy will lead to more pensioners to be taken care of by contributions of a smaller work force. Early arrangements for a private pension seems to be the only way of providing sufficient financial resources and to guarantee the quality of life of pensioners.

Our program of the  "Never Ending Pension" is a perfect solution even for younger Investors to achieve a safe and secure private pension or an additional income.

Traded Endowment Policies have yields much higher than compared to gilts or treasure bonds, risk is low due to the excellent credit rating of British Life Offices. The Investment is in Pound Sterling and the booming British Economy makes current fluctuations very unlikely.

We wish you personally the best of success for your investment and invite you to contact us for any further questions.

Dr. Norbert W. Knoll
Director - CEO
Helmut Marat
Director - Customer Service