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We are prepared to consider any investment application (equity capital or equity/loan financing sought) coming from start-ups or already established businesses preferably Internet, Energy Production from renewable ressources and 4- and 5-stars Hotel Projects (alone or together with offices and/or shopping malls) active in any sector or country of the region.

Please send us your business plan along with the Non Disclosure Agreement via facsimile to:

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THIS AGREEMENT is made the  ....  of  …......  2000 BETWEEN
1.     Europäisches Institut für Wirtschaftsförderung in den Ländern der Beitrittskandidaten zur Europäischen Union, A-1130 Vienna, Altgasse 23/ Top 7 registered in Vienna, Austria
2.     …………………………………………

A.     For the purpose of consideration by the parties of potential areas of co-operation, the parties hereto wish to exchange proprietary business and technical information relating to the parties products, technology, business and commercial activities, and
B.     The parties wish to regulate how their confidential Information is to be treated, if it is marked "confidential”, while in the possession or control of the other so as to protect their proper interests.
The following terms shall have the following meanings unless the context otherwise requires:
a)     "Information" shall mean all documents, ideas, know-how or other information supplied by one party to the other for the purpose referred to above whether disclosed verbally, in documentary  or other material form by demonstration or otherwise.
b)     "Disclosing Party" shall mean the party supplying Information in the particular case.
c)     "Recipient" shall mean the party receiving Information in the particular case.
"Proper Use" shall mean use necessarily and exclusively for the purpose referred to above.

2.     In consideration for the provision of Information by the Disclosing Party, each party in respect of Information for which it is the Recipient shall:
a)     take proper and all reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality of such Information, and in any event no less than those the Recipient would take to protect its own information of a confidential nature; and
b)     use such Information only for the Proper Use; and
c)     not disclose the Confidential Information to any third party without the Disclosing Party's prior written consent, and only to such of its employees as need such Information for the Proper Use.
3.     Notwithstanding any lesser degree of protection that may otherwise be permissible hereunder, where any Information be the subject of any national or governmental security regulations and is so advised by the Disclosing Party the Recipient shall, and hereby undertakes to, take such measures as may be required by such regulations to protect such Information.
4.     Without prejudice to any obligations imposed on and assumed by the Recipient under any national or governmental security regulations the obligations of confidentiality herein shall not apply to any Information which the Recipient can show (and it shall be for the Recipient to show):-
a)     was known to the Recipient before such Information was received from the Disclosing Party; or
b)     is in or subsequently comes into the public domain (other than by reason of any breach by the Recipient of its obligations under this Agreement); or
c)     is received by the Recipient without restriction on disclosure and use from a third party which the Recipient reasonably believes is free to make such disclosure on such terms; or
d)     is developed by any servant, agent or employee of the Recipient without access to or use or knowledge of the Information disclosed by the Disclosing Party; or
e)     has been held by the Recipient for more than five years or such longer period as the Disclosing Party may at the time of disclosure to the Recipient have made known that it requires.
5.     Any Information disclosed under this Agreement must be applied for the Proper Use only.  This Agreement does not grant to either party any intellectual property rights or licences in the Information of the other, and no licence shall be deemed to have arisen or be implied otherwise, and no warranties express or implied are given concerning the accuracy of the Information or its use for a particular purpose.

6.     Save for the obligations of confidentiality contained herein, and which will continue in respect of the Information for two years after its disclosure, this Agreement shall terminate on the earlier of
(a)     the date on which the Proper Use has been fulfilled; or
(b)     twelve months from the date of this Agreement (or such later date as may be agreed in writing).
Following such termination, or at any time within seven days of written request from the Disclosing Party to do so, the Recipient will cease all further use of the Information of the Disclosing Party furnished to the Recipient under this Agreement. If so required by the Disclosing Party, the Recipient will provide the written confirmation of a senior officer that all such actions have been taken.
7.     Any notices required to be given hereunder shall be properly given if sent by pre-paid post to the party (as the case may be) at the address given on the first page of this Agreement or to such other address as either party may have last designated to the other in writing.
8.     This Agreement shall be governed by the substantive law of Austria and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the court in Vienna.
Signed for and on behalf of     Signed for and on behalf of     

Name: ........................................     Name: ........................................
Title: ..........................................                Title:  .........................................

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